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Cash Edge Pop Up

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Some members have reported receiving a pop up box from Cash Edge when attempting to log into WAVE. The pop up asks for personal information including credit card information. Cash Edge is not a product offered by the Credit Union. If you receive this pop up, do not disclose any personal information. Call us at ...Read more.

Phishing Scams

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The Credit Union has been advised that some members are being targeted for a telephone phishing scam concerning their debit cards. Please review the list below for some helpful hints on how to protect yourself. Call 864-544-5400 or 800-467-5427 if you have questions or concerns. -Never provide your personal information in response to an unsolicited ...Read more.

Attention: Pop Up Message Information

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There are reports of a pop up window stating that personal information from a security breach with a marketing company named Epsilon has compromised personal information and that your credit score is available for free by clicking on a link. The Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union does not use this company. Please do not click ...Read more.